Do you like being cuckolded ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i need to write more... sorry

Well im back....... was cuckolded last night YEAH it does not happen nearly enough as most of you know. It was a guy that was traveling for work and was in a local Hotel for the week. Master Tony said it was great and that he would meet him again anytime.......
That was number 26 for this year, So I have been cuckolded 26 times and still does not enough. W/we have been talking and think it would be better if Master found a boy freind that is local and could see often, like a few times a week. i am really liking the slave role and would be fine with the BF being the primary lover to my Sir. Makes me very happy to be his slave and serve him in all ways. When he does things like cuckold me it puts me deeper and deeper into my proper status as slave to him and can only hope and beg to be nothing more then his slave. Not really interested in being lovers as he needs more in that department then i can offer. i only want Him to be fufilled and have all he wants

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Going to Mast this year in Washington DC . Looks like there will be a ton of workshops for us to learn about Master and slave relationships. It starts Aug 31st going to be a fun weekend!

Master Tony cuckolded me last weekend with a buddy from the gym, Yeah!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Master Tonys response

I do want you to serve me and I really feel good when you take care of the house while I relax.  i think something that makes me feel like you aren't surrendering is that you won't quit smoking.  it feels to me like when you smoke that it is open defiance to me - showing me that you don't have to care about what I want or what I think is best for you.  it would really prove your devotion to me if you would quit smoking.   i would demand it of you if I thought that would make you quit.
And I really can't finish a jo session and then roll over on you and make it all about you.  you need to find a way to cum either before me or at the same time, but making me wait for you isn't good for me.  maybe we can try getting you off first.
I want to provide you with more direction but it can't be random, there needs to be a purpose in my direction.  what goals do we have?  I know we talked about getting the kitchen finished up this summer, before Thanksgiving,.  do you need me to initiate it?
sexually I don't need much from you.  i would prefer if you were more flexible so you could sustain some positions that are fun for me.  Do you think you'd be able to get yourself into more flexible shape (streching, etc) if I required it of you for sexual pleasure?

E mail to Master Tony in Memphis

Sir i do look up to you as a superior in fact you are and i worship that in you.

When i say ill do anything for you i mean anything YOU want .....this is about me making you happy and fulfilled is my number one priority sir so if you need a bf i support you if Barry wants you in Mr leather i support you, some things are harder to support then others. but i try

i need more guidance on how to serve you. what is it i do that makes you happy or makes your life more fulfilled, having a slave can make your life better i think of serving you all day the best time of day for me is serving you in anyway dinner cooking cleaning sitting by your feet, i want to feel the power you have over me 24/7. i love you so much but that does not mean you have to love me in the same way. i want to be a tool for you weather it be to get off or do things you don't want to do.

i know i get bitchy i try so hard not too but it is my ego that is so the end i always see that you where right and i was wrong and how sorry i am, i NEED you to push that more so the angry feelings go away.and you know your right it just sucks to have to put up with me

glad you are having fun enjoy your time away Sir

was cuckolded last night

Master Tony is in Memphis and was able to spend the night with a great guy last night, Hot muscle guy, glad he had a hot time :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Up Date

Things have been going great! My goal is to post more on this blog but time keeps getting away on me.

So thing keep changing and evolving here, and for the better. Master Tony is seeing all the benefits of having a slave and is really discovering himself as a Master. I could not be happier and am so excited to follow him in any direction he would like to take me.

Master Tony went to IML this year and had a great time a met many new and old friends he was able to have some hot sex. He came home happy and to a very clean house.

Master Tony is in Memphis this week for work. He has a friend there and is enjoying time with him at night. cant wait to hear all the details!

i have been cuckolded alot this year and still cant get enough. Would every night be too much? I think Master Tony understands my need to serve him, i hope he knows that is all i want. i think of ways to please him all the time, But i do find myself holding back and trying to keep some control. how does one let go and fill there dreams? Very hard sometimes..........

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 times in one week and still not enough

Was cuckold twice last week ;-) Master Tony went to see his local buddy and had a great time He also had a really hot guy here in our bed! sent me away for a few hours so the could have fun. i will let you know the details after i find out, life is way too busy right now.
Still in chastity day 14 will i ever meet my goal? trying really hard..... sleeping on the floor next to Master tonys bed

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cuckolded again

Well it has been 12 days in chastity Horny as hell but that's ok Master Tony cuckolded me Wednesday night with his local buddy i  do not have any of the details. not sure why he is keeping the info from me. i know he was there for a few hours and i saw an e mail from his friend that said thanks for the ride it was great! Maybe Master Tony likes to torment me by not mentioning to me what happened, or he wants to keep it to himself. i  guess it is enough that i  know he did it and it is not any of my business.

feeling like it is hard if i  am not part of the story, i  know it is his sex life but if i don't hear about it then what enjoyment do i  get from it? just in knowing something happened? i can figure out what happened but if he does not tell me i don't feel part of it. or should i?

Feeling bitchy! maybe because it is day 12 lol

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cuckolded tonight?

really feeling the need to be cuckolded soon, I am not always sure master tony understands how much i need this.When too much time has gone by it starts to make me a bit crazy.... master tony is taking more and more and i am liking it, but finding it difficult to show how happy i am.

He decided when he goes to Tenn. on the 18th he is going to stay the next weekend in Atlanta to check out the guys there. i will miss him but i know his wishes come 1st and i do not have a choice in the matter. That's how a master slave relationship works, right? the inequality really gets me going, the more he takes what he wants with no regard to me the more i want to serve and worship him. Does he know this?

Day 10 in chastity, horny but feeling good about pleasing him ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Did not make goal


master tony and i where in phili this weekend so weight in for me was not until late Sunday  night i was sure i met my goal because on Friday afternoon i was below my goal. this turned out not to be true, was up 2 lbs...... Dam !! this morning only up 1 lb

Master Tony said i am not going to cum till i meet the goal but that i can have the belt off for 1 day to let things air out. Feels kinda strange having it off today, like im missing something......

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 5

Well it is day 5 in in the birdlock chastity belt, Yesturday felt a bit moody but this morning all i am is Horney! Master Tony was going to meet a freind last night but at the last min. the guy texed and said he could not. DAM !!! Master Tony has seen him a few times and i,m sure he will see him again soon..

I hope i make my weight goal on Sunday so the blet will come off or it will be one more week with it on. Master Tony would like the belt on 24/7 with only monthly release, what does everyone think of that? too extreem? not enough?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my chastity belt

This belt is very comfy maybe too comfy, no pinching........ Does anyone wear the birdlock? Master Tony bought it while at IML last May

great to be back

Been a busy month Master Tony was in Tenn. for 2 weeks and meet a hot couple that he played with twice while i was home with a list of chores to do. Master Tony came home late on a Wednesday and then we where off to Florida for a week and took another week off at home. He cuckolded me 2 times when we where home and came up with some new rules for me to follow.

Biggest change is i am now in a chastity belt. Master Tony wants me to lose 10 lbs and has goals for me to meet. If i do not reach them i am in the belt till i do. Talk about motivation! Day 3 in the belt so far and have 2 lbs to lose by Sunday. If i don't lose it i stay in until i meet the next goal........

ill keep you posted

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

been lazy

Sorry everyone for not posting anything for so long, been crazy busy...... Just a short update i am still his cuckold and his slave. Loving the life we have. He has told me he plans on playing around more this year and enjoying his freedom more. So far this year he has been with 1 guy and he is going away for work for 2 weeks. i bet he gets alot then....... one can hope :) happy cuckold here.

Does anyone want to hear more?