Do you like being cuckolded ?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 3

Master Tony is having a great time at IML in Chicago, He has not meet anyone yet as he was feeling alittle sick. He feels much better now. I am Horney and am still wearing the CB2000 it has been 3 days and it only hurts at night when im sleeping so I wake up alot from trying to get hard..... But cant

Chores I have done so far as instructed by Master Tony

Fire place cleaned
wood burning stove cleaned
annual garden planted
veg. garden planted
Bedroom clean
14 loads of laundry sheets blankets washed and put away

Last night he had me sleep on the floor, Tonight I am to clean all 3 bathrooms naked untill everything is scrubed clean.....

Thank you Master Tony

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Master Tony goes to IML

Well i took Sir to the airport this morning for his 6 am flight to chicago for IML We got up at 3 am i washed him in the shower and he locked me in the chastity belt cb-2000 and took the keys with him, He said no play for you for the next 6 days, i think i will be really horney by the time he gets back! At work now, boy its going to be a long day.......

He left me envelopes to open each night, cant wait to see what they say, ill keep you posted

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Tony will be going to International Mr. Leather this year He will leave on March 26th He has told me he hopes to learn more about being a Master and that I should expect more changes in our relationship when he returns. This is making me a bit nervous and very excited. He says he would like to have me be his slave 24/7 more then what it is now, i am sub to him all the time but i have a bit more free will then he would like me to have and i agree i need to learn to show more respect and defer to him more.
Things have already started to change, like some new rules! boy do i love rules as they help to reinforce my place and never fail to get me going. Some of the rules are
1. Kneel at his feet when saying good bye for the day
2 Bring him a 2nd cup of coffee before i go to work
3. sit on the floor while we watch TV
4. when he has cum he gets up and cleans himself and does not wait for me to cum
5. do all cleaning
i am really enjoying the new rules. i love to clean or do things for him so he can have time to relax. Cant wait to see the changes in him when he returns from International Mr Leather

Last week

Ok so it has been awhile and I think it is time to give an up-date as to what has been going on. I was cuckolded last week by my bf / Master He had a guy over and they went to a private area of the house to be alone and i was sent to clean our bedroom. I was very horney and cleaned everything very well, When he returned 2 hours later you could tell he was had just had some great sex and was ready for bed. He was kind enough to let me suck on his spent cock while he told me the details, How they kissed and how good his ass felt ridding his cock. He has had this same guy a few times and always enjoys there time together, Thank you Tony