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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thought of the day

Have not been Cuckolded in over a month, The winter months seem to be slow. I am going crazy without him with others. I am about ready to pay him to go out more! Any sugestions as to how i can get him out playing more?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Changing point

True Story
Tony and i met Matt and Dan at a friends holiday party Tony liked there energy and look right away. Matt is from England with a thick accent tall, dark hair, nice body and a bold personality. Dan is also cute thin and shorter, more reserved. They where lovers and we all hit it off at the party, well kinda.
By the end of the party Matt had his hands all over Tony, Dan did also, but you could tell Dan was pulling Matt away at times. I found Matt a bit too aggressive and a bit obnoxious the more he drank. The party ended and Tony gave a lingering kiss to both. i could tell the people at the party where watching to see my reaction, but i played it very cool, like everything was normal. Tony was very happy on the ride home and talked and talked about them and how he thought they where hot until i voiced my opinion and said what i thought. i said well they where very aggressive? Tony said Well I told them our situation, Tony had told them  i was his sub cuckold while i was getting drinks. This kinda pissed me off for some reason, Tony could tell i was upset and we agreed these two would be off limits for Tony to play with as i was not comfy for some reason. This would later change, In fact change our relationship!
Time passed with some talk of Tony being with them, while it turned me on before i came, It just annoyed me after. About 3 months later  we ran into them at a gay get together at a bar. It was a group i had never been to before, Tony had gone a few times before and told me it was fun, so i went with him. This groupl meets for drinks and dinner once a month. Guess who was there? Matt and Dan......... Tony's attention switched from me to them faster then a lighting bolt. We sat for dinner and i was squashed on a bench in the inside of a long booth type table, 3 guys to one side and 3 to the other. For me this is the worst seat to be in i felt confined with no way out among all these strangers. To my right sat 2 guys then Matt with Tony at the end and Dan to his right. The room was filled with noise and the drinks and conversation flowed with me stuck in the middle only able to see Tony laughing, talking and touching them both but not able to hear a thing, my mind raced. Tony has a great personality and flirts with everyone, he was enjoying all the attention. I on the other hand felt trapped and was not in a very good place, i wanted out! But the food arrived and there was no way to just get up and get some air without making a huge scene, so i sat there! Looking back i should have just enjoyed my place.
The meal ended and i was able to make my escape when the guy next to me went to use the restroom. As i got up Tony looked at me with an evil smile and continued with his conversation and flirting. i went out for some air and when i returned, to my surprise i saw Matt and Tony in each others arms kissing, Matt was even showing the crowd Tonys hairy chest, everyone loved it. They broke apart when they noticed me and just started talking like i had not seen anything, i went along with the game and pretended not to see anything either,  But inside i was filled with angst. Dont get me wrong i was turned on but not turned on at the same time.... HEAD SPINNING!  I started chatting with some guys but always had Tony and Matt within sight,i noticed when they disappeared for a half hour, At this point i was really annoyed and could not understand what my problem was, i wanted him to cuckold me just not with them. Was i feeling threatened? i was very confused and not a happy camper. a Horny camper yes, just not a happy Horny camper.
Tony decided it was time to go and while i was saying goodbye to people Tony took the opportunity to give Matt a very long passionate kiss. The ride home was interesting, i was upset and Tony was like whats the big deal? i shared my angst and reminded him that they where off limits. He agreed and said he had forgotten and he had been caught up in the moment. He was a bit pissed at me also trying to tell him what he can and cannot do with others. i did not let on that his point was well taken and rode home with a hard on. Why was this getting so confusing for me, did i not want this? did i want control? i thought to myself boy i have alot to learn about myself. i was also feeling a bit like Jekyll and hide, cuckold me PLEASE CUCKOLD ME..... don't cuckold me with them....... very confusing to Say the least, But Tony was great and let me work it out.
You should know Tony is a real Gym rat and would be at the gym  24/7 if it where not for everyday life getting in the way, so when Matt asked if he would like to workout with them one Saturday at a new gym  Tony jumped at the chance. All 3 had a great workout and Matt was very forward as usual. Tony came home and said nothing happened but he was extremely horny. Tony pushed me to my knees and had me suck him i sucked eagerly as he talked about his workout and how hot he thought they where until he blew his load in my willing mouth He then sent me back to my chores while he showered. i was very horny but had to wait. very hot!
A few weeks ;after an e-mail came from Matt to sponsor him in a competition to benefit a heart fundraiser i saw the e mail and also saw that Tony sponsored him. The competition came and went, Tony needed to pay him the 75.00 but kept putting off sending him a check. Finally Matt e-mailed Tony and said he needed it that night because he needed to send the money in the next day. Tony offered to bring it to there house after dinner and asked me for the money, i wrote a check to Matt for 75.00 and Tony was off to the his normal gym and then to there house, he assured me nothing would happen.
They live in a remote area and Tony was gone for about 4-5 hours when my phone rang and Tony said i have something to tell you! He said he had slept with both of them and he would tell me more when he got home, he could tell i was upset and said we would talk about it when he got home. He did not get home for about 45 min this gave me time to get all kinds of pissed off at him for breaking the rules. Tony walked in the door and we started fighting right away. Tony tried his best to calm me to no avail. Finally Tony started getting pissed at me and was getting madder and madder at me for being upset with him, i said what do you think i should be feeling? with a stern voice and a commanding presence that i had not seen before he said you should be on your fucking knees thanking me, not giving me shit for something you beg me to do, you can not pick and choice who i fuck, that is up to me. you have nothing to do with that! all you should do is get on your knees and thank me, I really want to beat the shit out of you right now. Now GET ON YOUR KNEES AND KISS MY BOOTS BOY! i hesitated and he pushed me to the ground and slapped me hard a few times across my face as i bent down and kissed his boot while thanking him and telling him how sorry i was for being such an ass. i was truly sorry but why had i acted so poorly? I begged for his forgiveness and started to  feel like i was his submissive cuckold, like our time had come. That night a line was drawn in the sand and i do not dare cross it again.
That night Tony went into detail of what had happened. When he arrived at there house Dan was cooking dinner and Mark took Tony to his office to log in the amount of the money i gave him, Mark kept giving Tony compliments on how good he was looking. Then Mark leaned in and kissed him ( now really how could Tony say no) Mark said Dan really liked 3 ways and asked if he was interested? Tony just kissed him back and they went to get Dan. The way the story was told to me was they kissed and kissed sucked each other for sometime, Tony said Dan has an impressive 10inches cock long and fat, Turns out Matt is a real power bottom and they both loved Tony's hairy chest and large dick.
This story is more about our relationship and the roles each of us play in it. The lesson i learned was i am not in control and Tony is a free nan do do as he likes. The turning point for me was when he said " what you should be doing is thanking me and kissing my boots" i had never seen him so dominate and forceful toward me and his dominance took me by surprise. he was right to say what he said and my level of submission grew 10 fold that night. my love and respect for him grew, This is the man i love honor and obey with all my heart there is nothing i would not do for him and the dominance he showed that night is something i will never forget, it put me in my place and i loved every minute of it. i cant help but love him more every time he is like that with me, it seems the more stern he is with me the more respect i have for him and the more i love him. Thank you SIR for letting me serve you and showing me the way. To please you is all i need to be fulfilled. i Think Tony changed that night also and lives his fredom to this day, Thank you SIR
A true Cuckold at last

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


True story
One of the first times we started cuckolding my bf meet a guy that was very muscular and they hit it off right away. He went on a few dates with him and told him about me and how sometimes he would put me in a chastity belt. Well this guy found it very Hot and wanted to know if my Bf would lock me up and let him hold the key. My BF Tony told me this and when he got home he placed the CB-2000 chastity belt on me, The key was put in an envelope and mailed to Tonys buddy. I had no idea how long I would need to wait, But was told his buddy would be un locking me at some point.
Two weeks passed until plans where made for Tonys buddy to come over for dinner. I was told I would cook, serve and clean up for them. So i set up a romantic dinner for 2 in the dinning room and went shopping for food. I should note this was a first for me and i was about ready to burst with excitement, Could this really be happening? i  was so turned on by everything. buy not getting any release for over 2 weeks and it was setting up to be one of the hottest nights of my life!
i remember it to this day like i was watching a movie. Tonys date arrived and i was told to kiss his boots while they kissed at the front door, then Tony ordered me to get them drinks and bring them to the deck. I did as i was told, i was shaking and giddy and thinking boy i really REALLY love this. I returned with there drinks and was told to show my chastity belt, Tonys friend liked it a lot. I was then told to go make dinner.
I went to the kitchen and got to work making some appetizers They ordered me in a few more times for more drinks between there kissing and touching of each other, my mind was going crazy with excitement. When dinner was ready they came in and took there seats next to each other, they really could not keep there hands off each other. I was told to stand behind them in case they needed anything. They really enjoyed there meal, When they where done they said to clean everything up.I brought one load of dishes to the kitchen and when i returned they where gone. I new thay went to the bedroom as they needed more intense touching.
I cleaned up everything washed the dishes dried and put away, Time seemed to stand still, i thought i would pass out. Then i heard BOY from the bedroom i ran to the door and said Yes SIR, They where both shirtless and in each others arms. Tony said they would take there dessert in the bedroom. i returned with a tray of fresh strawberry's and knelt before them.i stayed that way while they ate and kissed the red fruit, they also talked as if i where not even there. my little cock was trying to get hard but could do nothing in the chastity belt. while they where talking tony asked if he had the key and he showed it to Tony, they laughed at my place before them.
Tony told me to leave as he wanted some alone time with his buddy. I went and cleaned some more. From time to time i would try to hear something coming from the bedroom, i could hear laughing and sounds of passionate love being made. It was driving me crazy. after about 3 hours i was called for again, BOY get us some drinks! when i returned they where laying in  bed with cum on them i was told to get them cleaned up and brought in warm wet cloths and wiped them clean. when i was done they told me to strip and stand before them. i did as i was told and they took a good look at the cb hanging from my little dick, they made some fun of me and told me to suck there dicks while they kissed. i did this for a long time until Tonys buddy asked him if he could fuck me, Tony said yes. He fucked me every witch way, it was great ! When he was done both Tony and him where beat. Tony told me to make a bed for my selff on the floor. i did as i was told.
i went to the floor nude except for the cb-2000 and before Tony turned off the light and looked down at me and said goodnight Boy,i will never forget that look that told me he was loving this as much as i was. i was so horny but truly happy, like i found my place and never wanted it to end.
i woke in the middle of the  night and they where back at it again.i was like really, seriously? i was so horny i just wanted out of this cage..... but i was quiet and enjoyed listening to them.
Morning came to a foot kicking me and telling me to get them coffee. When i returned he was holding the key to the belt.Tony asked if i wanted out and i said yes Sir! His buddy un locked me and i was made to jo in front of them telling them how much i   liked last night. It was not long before i shot a huge load. it was so intense and seemed to last forever. Tony said go clean up boy and make us some breakfast.
Tonys buddy left after Breakfast and i herd them making plans as they kissed goodbye.
What a night it was great and would live that way if i could. i think of it often and it never fails to get me hard.... Thank you SIR
Does anyone want more true stories?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holidays are OVER

What a time to start a blog.........  3 Days before Christmas. With the new year here i'm Looking forward to telling you all about my cuckold life.

Been talking with my bf about him having a regular thing with this hot guy he has been with a few times, like having him be a bf to him and me serving more. I wonder if my bf knows how into that I am. I tell him but he is not sure yet. I guess i will have to beg him more.