Do you like being cuckolded ?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best thing about Cuckolding

So I was thinking the other day why I like this so much, I think it goes back to me wanting to feel submissive like in the role of the slave. I am in control all day with work and managing our busy house that in the end what i want to do is serve my Master and make him happy in anyway i can.

Cuckolding for me fills a void. Yes i want to be a slave to him but the real world gets in the way and stuff comes up that makes us both forget our roles in the relationship. Nothing brings things into focus better then him going on a date with some hot guy while i stay home and clean the house. Never thought cleaning would be such a turn on ! When he does go out it lets me know Exactly what our roles are and how he is the one in charge, it makes me love him even more.

I love that he has complete control over his sex life, i am surprised that he does not have more friends with benefits or take advantage of his freedom more, it is almost like a drug for me, the more he does it the more i want him to do it. and in the end he comes home to me, well most times. Sometimes he has an overnight with a lover and that just sends me over the edge into sub space..... YUM

What would everyone like to hear about?

Monday, December 20, 2010

He is looking for a date

Bf / Master is online sending a possiable date a pic of himself. I hope he goes out but I know he is tired tonight after a long weekend :(

Thoughts of today

Thinking of a way to thank my Master for Cuckolding me this year, Some special gift so he knows i am grateful for the time he spend with other guys

How I became a Cuckold

Ok So how does one become a gay  Cuckold? I still cant believe the way my life is now and how happy I am with everything! To find out how this all started we have to go back 19 years to when i met my bf.
We met at a local bar and we both new right away we where meant to be together. We dated and spent most of our free time together the 1st summer until he went back to School to finish his Senior year of college. He came back in the spring and we moved in together 6 months latter.
Our relationship was great, we had great sex and where faithful to each other as far as i new. I new he had a wondering eye, whenever a hot guy would pass by i would catch him looking. i did not mind and we soon started comparing our opinions of who was hot and who was not,  It became a game. We even did some 3 way stuff, more on that later.
He has always loved Muscle and he himself wanted to get big and go to a gym, He join a gym about 4 years into our relationship and was having a great time going and being with other hot guys, At this point i new something was going on and confronted him a few times about him doing things in the locker room, or even hooking up with tricks. He always denied it, but i still had my doughts.
One day I was under his AOL screen name and an im popped up ( hmmm thats never happened to anyone before lol) He said thanks for the good time....... I pretended to be my bf and found out everything about that trick, I was pissed and hurt. When I told him he came out with the truth and all the things he had done over the last 3 years. i was in shock and very hurt, crying and ready to leave...... OH THE DRAMA!
But even with all the hurt feelings and betrayal  i would sometimes get hard thinking about it and found myself jerking off to him cheating on me. i would ask him for details of what happened with each guy to help with my healing and gaining trust in him. i would use that info to jo to.
We ended up going to counseling and working out why he did it and what i was not giving him what he needed. We found out alot about each other and it was a hard time in our relationship, but worth it.
He new he hurt me alot and we slowly built our relationship up again. But i was still having these thoughts about him cheating and me knowing about it so i looked on line to see if anyone else had the same thoughts. All i found was straight sites but at least i found a word 'CUCKOLD"
During sex one night i said i think it might be hot if you had a trick and i new about it. He said no way never! it took about a year of me asking him to cuckold me and that i was fine with it if he told me everything. He did not trust me at all and thought it was a test or a way for me to sleep with others. He finally did it and i was filled with angst, and loving it at the same time.
We had our ups and downs. Mostlymenot understanding my feelings, wanting him to do and being jelous. But it would always go back tomebegging him to do it.
Now it is just part of our lives he gets to play as he likes and i serve him completely, it works for both of us.
I will get into how i became a slave, servant, cuckold in chastity  in a later post


Hi everyone!
So I am starting a Blog ! By request from my better half, About gay guys into Cuckolding and my relationship with my Bf, Lover, Master. I will share what it is like to be a Cuckold and try to explain why I love it so much. Not everyone will understand, But if you do, you will see how great it can be for everyone involved.
Please send in your Questions, I will be 100% honest to all, this is a place for me to share all my deep desires and for my Master to learn more about me