Do you like being cuckolded ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i need to write more... sorry

Well im back....... was cuckolded last night YEAH it does not happen nearly enough as most of you know. It was a guy that was traveling for work and was in a local Hotel for the week. Master Tony said it was great and that he would meet him again anytime.......
That was number 26 for this year, So I have been cuckolded 26 times and still does not enough. W/we have been talking and think it would be better if Master found a boy freind that is local and could see often, like a few times a week. i am really liking the slave role and would be fine with the BF being the primary lover to my Sir. Makes me very happy to be his slave and serve him in all ways. When he does things like cuckold me it puts me deeper and deeper into my proper status as slave to him and can only hope and beg to be nothing more then his slave. Not really interested in being lovers as he needs more in that department then i can offer. i only want Him to be fufilled and have all he wants