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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Possible boyfriend material for Maser Tony

Master Tony has met a guy who is very into the Master/slave thing and is also poly himself. Wow this would be great and am hoping they make a great connection.

Master Tony met him at a local bar when there was a leather event and I was home cleaning Master's house. They talked most of the night and told the guy that he had a bf/slave at home and that I was also his cuckold. He thought that was very hot and they exchanged numbers.

All the next week I begged Master Tony to call the guy or text. He ended up texting him while I was kneeling at his feet, they texted all week and made plans for dinner at a local restaurant. I was shocked when Master Tony said I was going also! We met at the bar part of the restaurant they took a seat and I was told what drinks to get for them. As I was getting their drinks I looked back and could see them flirting and laughing. Were they laughing at me or was it just something one of them said? My head was spinning.

I came back with the drinks and they were sitting at a table very close together, without saying a word I placed their drinks down. They did not skip a beat and continued their conversation about our relationship and my role in it like I was not even there. I was very surprised at how hard that made me; looking back I'm not surprised at all.

Dinner continued and a lot was talked about- my role, his role, and Master's role, in what we have been looking for... Sometimes they would look at me and say is that right and all I could say is yes as I was so excited and have been waiting so long for this that I was ready jump out of my skin I was so happy.

When dinner was over Master Tony had me get his car and they talked more outside and made plans to get together again. Can't wait to see where this leads!

Very, very, very happy boy here. See dreams do come true 


  1. Damn! This makes me so hot! I wish that your Master fucks this new guy all week long, every night and then keeps his as his regular lover.
    I would love my bf to cuckold me, but he doesn't because I used to be very jealous... I feel that he would like to, but he might be afraid that I'm still jealous. I would love him to spend a whole night with another guy fucking him for several times... yo are so lucky!

  2. please keep posting more! and put some pics of you and your master! would love to be fucked by your master...:)

  3. My Daddy (partner of 18 years) and I had a long talk about his sexual needs outside of our relationship. Bottomline is, that I agreed to be his cuckold (he doesn't refer to our arrangement like that), and that I will wear his collar and he will occasionally put me in chastity (CB 3000). I too get hard thinking about him with other men. I love the smell of sex on him when he returns from the Bathhouse or tricks with other guys. I know that there is a chance of STD's (he does use condoms with them, but not with me) but understand the risk. Regardless of that though, I want him to pursue sex with multiple partners.

  4. My partner just cuckolded mr for the first time yesterday. We had a friend who came to stay over and at some point I went to sleep. In the morning I found used condoms in the bin... The friend was still sleeping on the couch. It made me so hard, damn! Then I went yo work. When I came home he told me that they fucked the whole night and in the morning once more... I almost cum in my pants... It was amazing! A mix of jealousy, excitement, fear, pleasure, pain, hornyness... Do u guys felt the same way the first time?

  5. Yes, I have felt all of those emotions. I don't know why him sleeping with other guys gets me so hard, but it does.

  6. you have got to post more!!!

  7. same here, my boyfriend started cuckolding me two years ago, he knew i was into it and he made plans as to how will out relationship be like. we are in love, true love, but his needs for sex outside our relationship is there and he told me since i like being a cuckold than why not? if anyone wants to chat about it feel free to add me on skype: dejan.explodishka :)